New Release – Notes from the dev team

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Version 2.0 of SCCMImporter is finally here!

Here is a short change log from the dev team depicting what’s new in this release. More elaborate blog post of the key features are in the works!

  • Flexible support for all companies using a Lifecycle Management working process, regardless of their specific process design choices (More blog post on its way, describing the topic in depth).
  • Decommission and delete any application or package from SCCM, including deployment types, deployments, and optionally any referenced collections as well as package source files, in one single step.
  • Support for using {Custom} {Variables} in template naming convention strings, values will be prompted for during package import.
  • Source Directory Name is now controllable using naming conventions, with support for backslash to enable creating hierarchical folder structures.
  • Templates now allow targeting existing collections during import.
  • Templates now allow specifying separate AD groups for installation and uninstallation (either pre-existing or created during import).
  • Support for prestaging packages in the server’s package source directory folder. Importing such a package will refer to the existing folder instead of copying files to the server.
  • Package Download Manager is now multithreaded with better performance.
  • New workflow engine driving the application behind the scenes.
  • Reworked log viewer.
  • Reworked template editor.
  • SCCM inventory/synchronization process to index all SCCM Applications and Packages in any site specified in your templates.
  • Support for downloading and importing packages from the RuckZuck package repository.

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