How to migrate applications between SCCM hierarchies or customers

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One of the most popular questions on the internet is how to move/reuse/migrate repackaged applications between different customers or hierarchies. Example; lab and production environment or between different versions of Configuration Manager. Continue reading to find out how you could reuse your repackaged applications!

SCCM Importer makes this possible by creating one (or more) import template per customer containing naming conventions, deployments settings, security scopes etc. The only thing you need to do before importing the packages are to make sure you have the necessary credentials.

We recommend using the Credential Manager on the local computer running SCCM Importer as this removes the need to join the target domain before importing. In Credential Manager, add one set of credentials for AD (SCCMImporter:ldap://%domain%) and one for SCCM (SCCMImporter:sccm://%sccmserver%) per customer/hierarchy.

If you have imported an application before using SCCM Importer or using our already pre packaged applications, all information about the last import is stored in an XML file in the application folder. This enables batch import of several applications at once, without the need to fill in command lines, version and deployment names etc. Of course, if you have an existing library of “not previously imported” pre packaged applications, you can still use the same technique to import them using our semi manual import function.

By using our template, you can import the same package using a completely different set of settings or naming conventions. It’s even possible to import the same applications using the package model for one environment and the application model for another as we will show you in this video!

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